Grove Plan

With the trees on Glover Road near the cemetery now almost 100 years old, it’s a good time to think about the next 100 years and plant trees in that spirit. The use of Horse Chestnuts as street trees has challenges due to hydro pruning.  A solution and discussion with Hydro and the Township is necessary to explore the replanting of this boulevard. Horse Chestnuts would fair much better without the constant pruning.

The Salmon River Natural Area was donated to the community for public use and is connected to the rest of the village and its history by an extensive trail network. Here, a perfect site was identified for the planting of a grove of trees.

Site with Mowing

Grove location planning took into account the designated mowing areas to remain open.

The location next to a public trail and the Salmon River was once farmed and is now overgrown field. The site is bordered on the south by an overhead power line serving the pump station at the mouth of the Salmon River. The trail forms the border on the north side providing a triangular area of roughly one half acre. Considering the importance of both native and non-native species to the historical development of Langley, a mixed grove of 17 Horse Chestnuts, 2 Western Red Cedars and 11 Grand Fir was planted on April 27, 2018. Also, 20 riparian shrubs, (Red Twig Dogwood, Twinberry, Snowberry and Huckleberry) were planted along the river side by the First Fort langley Scout Group on April 28, 2018.

option 1 grove

A grove of 30 trees (Horse Chestnut, Western Red Cedar & Grand Fir)