When the Trans Canada Trail was designed to come though Langley from Abbotsford, the trail initially crossed the Fraser River over to Maple Ridge via the Albion Ferry. With the retirement of the Ferry and the new Golden Ears Bridge, the Trans Canada Trail now follows the Fort to Fort Trail. The trail planning concept included a loop through the community, connecting the National Historic Site, Centennial and Farm Museums, Fort Langley Cemetery, Community Hall and the village main street.

The trail comes south on Church Street to Francis Avenue and returns to the river along Glover Road after passing by the pioneer cemetery and the heritage horse chestnuts.


Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail comes through Fort Langley and heads west to the Golden Ears Bridge


The Trans Canada Trail is part of an extensive trail system in Fort Langley. The Fort to Fort Trail, connecting two Metro Vancouver Parks, Brae Island and Derby Reach, is now also the route of the Trans Canada Trail. Community trails branch off the waterfront route: to loop around the Salmon River Natural Area; to cross the CNR tracks with a pedestrian overpass at the McBride Station Trail; to connect with the Fine Arts School, the Community Park and the Cemetery. The network connects many different areas with a variety of tree types such as the Chestnuts on Glover, the Oaks at the Fort, Sequoia at the Jacob Haldi House, Alder on Brae Island, Cottonwoods along the Salmon River, heritage apple trees at Derby, and so on.

Map for Trails 2

Fort Langley has an extensive trail network. Horse Chestnuts on Glover Rd shown in orange.