High Stakes: Memory Grove takes root

The Grove Gala’s auction raised over $16,000 on Thursday evening (April 19) at the Fort Langley Community Hall. Two of the 30 trees planned for Memory Grove, a Western Red Cedar and a Horse Chestnut, raised $4,000 and $5,000 respectively. The Bedford Rowing Society’s cruises aboard the historic York boat, the ‘Brenda A’, raised $7,500. The high stakes at the auction have allowed the stakes to go in the ground at the site of Memory Grove and work is underway.
Memory Grove also includes a small seating plaza for trail users and grove visitors. Completion of the project is expected in May. Stay tuned for the date of the ribbon cutting ceremony. 
In the meantime, please check out the work in progress on Saturday April 28 at 11 AM. The First Fort Langley Scout Group will also be showing their green thumbs with some riparian plantings. 
Thank you to all the donors and supporters of the Memory Grove. It takes a village to plant a grove. 
The Arbour Board
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